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We are still in the development stage but we want to reach out to let you know about the key differences between MoneyBox software and other services out there.


Basically (and avoiding too specific and profound features of each system) there are 3 big groups of financial applications worldwide which control and manage home expenses. Each one of them follows with these basic characteristics.

  1. Integration with the banking system;
  2. Manual introduction of financial records;
  3. Hybrid applications that try to facilitate some boring tasks.

MoneyBox is a new way of treating your financial health. It uses digital (financial) documentation of different types and formats, and organizes, validates, aggregates and summarizes all that information into a financial dashboard.

MoneyBox process is prepared to work with entities. An entity can be a bank account, with a specific bank account associated or a service provider, with a specific kind of bill.

MoneyBox is being developed bearing in mind tree main principles:

  1. Workload 0 – the user, after starting the initial configuration process will have less and less work in the future until a stage in which the financial documentation “flies” into its particular folder inside MoneyBox, by applying specific rules;
  2. Compared performance – the user, without effort, will be able to compare his/her financial performance with the average expense of citizens for certain characteristics of the user and expense categories. This way we may understand how we are performing in comparison to the average consumer data;
  3. Predicting financial behavior – if our users trust our way of seeing and measuring financial outcomes, we will analise that data and build a powerful and predictable tool to highlight and alert difficult periods managing cashflows, what-if analysis for savings and investments for example, but most importantly: trust our users to build the next step.

We are a “proudly Portuguese” start-up that aims to reach international markets fast, that’s why we chose English to communicate MoneyBox.

We are running a survey to incorporate in our developments as well as to better understand financial app users and challenges.

If you didn’t reply, please use this link:  and let us know how we may improve our prototype to better serve the community. Thanks for participating.

These are our primary poll results.

If you want, to stay updated and be a part of the early users to get the app for beta testing and send some feedback, please subscribe to this list and we will contact you by in due time.

We anticipate to launch our beta version in September. We will inform you about the details through the list.


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