One of the things we hear most is “I don’t have enough time”,  “There’re never enough hours in a day”. These are statements pronounced every day by most people nowadays. These statements are pronounced everyday by most people nowadays. It’s a fact! Under these circumstances, we tend to leave the routine and boring tasks for “later”. Some of which, will never be done!

We believe that one of these tasks is to keep the personal or family finances information up to date! Collecting all the information from different sources and formats to one single place is time-consuming and boring! And even worse! It is a recurring task… forever! Otherwise we will have to start again from the beginning!

How many times have you tried to have an organized excel with this information? We do not have time for this, but still, we need that information to make better decisions. We need more structured information with much less work!… please!

What is MoneyBox?

MoneyBox is a mobile application that enables users to have a very comprehensive and easy approach to personal finances, without any kind of built-in communication with bank entities.

Which Problem it addresses?

Personal finances and management control depend on human labour and discipline, data entry, quality of the information and easy input, in an 80/20% rule, where 80% of work delivers 20% of good information. The problem arises from a variety of situations, such as time management, different types of documents (bills, receipts, statements, reports, etc) to analyzing and running the accounting, then different sources of this information (pdf /excel or digital bank statements, paper bank statements, paper receipts, digital receipts, digital bills, paper bills, transactions with no document that supports it, etc…), lack of financial education. In a market economy the number of transactions has been growing throughout time and our capabilities as humans are not as good as to keep track of all the records, sources, amounts, and also the dates on which we shall commit to our liabilities. We need an efficient application to reduce time consumption for the user, offering a real and experienced advantage for managing money decisions. There are some good applications worldwide which are trying to solve the problem; however, the known efforts to address a global application that works in every country and doesn’t depend so much on intensive human procedures are rare. It’s hard to track them all, however, key features, components and user advantages are not so difficult to track. Benchmarking and our own research and usage show that 98% of the market offer comes from apps with manual input, 1% of the offer comes from bank integration, 1% comes from hybrid solutions, normally web apps. The market typically offers manual Budget introduction, which doesn’t give the user, in the short-term, any kind of value. The user doesn’t know what his normal consumption value for that category is.

The MoneyBox solution

MoneyBox will minimize and ultimately solve the identified problem by integrating all the digital documents (statements, bills, receipts and digital photos) owned by the user and transform them into data, pulling them from a variety of different sources into records of our DB, and presenting them to the user in a very simple and comfortable interface, easy to manage and attractive from a design perspective. The UX/UI were the drivers used for the development of this application. The core of the application (automation process) doesn’t limit the manual input from the user, and dramatically reduces the paper work and documentation handling. By configuring the sources of data and the documents, with one initial process the user prepares the app to repeat the process each month or period that a new document arrives to that source. Each time the user uses the app, less work he will have in the future reversing the work he has for the return he gets. Integrations with third parties and web-based services are well thought out and will address a huge potential to scale the application. MoneyBox builds a comprehensive and categorized (limited in possibilities and closed for future automatic introductions) analysis to the user expenses. After getting massive data about the user’s financial life, MoneyBox is able to automatically budget the future by category, reducing time (manual introduction), and/or wrong and/or ill-informed numbers assumptions, providing the user with trusted numbers from historical and supported documentation. As you may probably know, this kind of apps, needs a lot of manual input to control your expenses. In other words, you must insert each and every one of them, manually and… forever… That’s why they don’t feed one of the major human rules… “I want more with less work”.

Additionally, in order to define your budget, they ask you to insert the maximum amount of money that you want to spend by category. Why? If I define to spend €10 on food per month, will I get it? If I saw one beautiful chart, on a black dashboard, with a red budget data, would it create any value for me and my family? We think not!

Based on your past information, we can project your future and give you all the REAL information you need to support your decisions.

MoneyBox enables the integration of data by:

·       Digital bank statements

·       Digital invoices (including photography)

·       Receipts for expenses (including photography)

The app allows total customization of the financial situation of the user based on the number entities and third parties with which he interacts financially. It offers an automatic approach to budgeting and forecasting. It allows expenses and income categorization and movements tagging. It aggregates and compares data, by period, by category, by tags. It offers custom alerts. It presents a financial Dashboard on the current integrated financial position for each box. One user can have more than one box, and in the future one box can be accessed by different users. MoneyBox will incorporate integration with third parties (service providers entities), and will smoothly integrate critical and financial intelligence (explaining some concepts) to maximize and support investment/savings decisions and monitoring risk exposure.

How it works

  1. Register an account with MoneyBox
  2. Setting-up your BOX
    1. Choose a cloud service you use
    2. Add a cloud folder to your BOX
    3. Define your preferences and entities by folder with bills, statements and other support documentation
    4. MoneyBox will upload, analyze and integrate your financial data into your BOX records
    5. MoneyBox algorithm will start to run in the background enabling automated feeding, organization, normalization, categorization, reporting and notifications
  3. See all your financial information in Your BOX

Is MoneyBox for me?

MoneyBox is for every person that aims to understand his/her financial structure, using a worldwide community, and having the possibility of controlling multiple BOXes.

Is MoneyBox free?

Yes and No. MoneyBox is a free service, working like any other financial app, if you are ok with manual introduction. MoneyBox is a paid service, configuring as many entities as you like, if you want to use cloud services and the autoloading feature regularly.

What makes MoneyBox unique?

MoneyBox aims to avoid the continuous monthly workload at the end of each month. MoneyBox is unique because it uses several sources of digital documentation such as bills and statements, and transforms them into available and valuable financial reports and dashboards. MoneyBox is continually working to facilitate and automate this process, using initial configurations but avoiding future workload.

Using Categories with MoneyBox?

Using Categories is easy with MoneyBox. The user is allowed to categorize every transaction, however the categorization is very unique and different from other types of software. The user can choose from: (Revenue/Expense) and follow up the MoneyBox categorization tree that goes into 3 levels (list).

Using Tags with MoneyBox?

Using Tags opens a variety of possibilities to highlight events, specific transactions or important areas of MoneyBox accounting system. We want to track the record of certain amounts that don’t fit in closed categories and can bring evidence to some amounts of money. MoneyBox user can apply multiple Tags to a single transaction. It’s important to keep in mind, when reading the dashboard information, that the same transaction might appear in different Tags, which means that this value in terms of expense or revenue is used cumulatively. Because of this you shall analyze Tags independently, one by one, and avoiding sums between them.

Which are the available features?

MoneyBox Testing account


Autoloading bills from the Cloud

Autoloading statements from the Cloud

Transaction classification by Category and Tags

Aggregated view by time and evolution of all transactions

Aggregated view by Category of all Expenses

Multi-Box per User

Dropbox API

Googledrive API

Integrated and default financial analysis, per period (last period and the same period of the last week, month, trimestre, semestre or Year): on Maximum Expense, Total Expenses, Total Profits, Balance, Expense Average, and Number of Transactions

Dashboard analytics with several boards, that can be customized in the future

Documentation control per entity

Notification system

Automated budget

Report analysis


Information security warranty

Information availability warranty

Privacy and Confidentiality

Technical Support

Data Backup

Software Updates

Data encrypted with SSL Certificate

Firewall and High Security Servers

Does MoneyBox integrate with third-party services?

Yes, MoneyBox will integrate with several online services capable of delivering value to our users.

What will happen when it is launched?

We are currently testing and developing the first beta version of MoneyBox. Once stabilized, and optimized for launching we will announce the date with a set of parallel actions.

How do I use MoneyBox?

MoneyBox sets expectations about the usage and the targeting. MoneyBox aims to give the user a system to control his financial past in a relaxed, integrated and simple way. MoneyBox is not a real-time receipt collector. It can collect individual movements, of course; however, in its first approach, it is designed, with the goal of facilitating data collection, and transforming the given data into something useful for the present as well as for the future financial decisions of each user.

What can I do to use MoneyBox for free?

We will have a marketing system in place to ensure that if a user is helping MoneyBox to grow, MoneyBox will compensate that particular user.

Which devices are supported?

We are starting with iPAD and we will be announcing support to other platforms.

Learning Center

  1. How to install MoneyBox
  2. How to test MoneyBox
  3. How to register an account with MoneyBox
  4. How to create a BOX
  5. How to add my cloud folder to MoneyBox
  6. How to create an entity
  7. How to configure a specific statement or bill for the 1st time
  8. How to read financial information
  9. What kind of data and reports do I get with MoneyBox
  10. Dashboard
  11. Notification center