How it Works

Download and create a MoneyBox account

Register an account with MoneyBox and start using the app with your own financial records. The process begins by asking you to connect your dropbox account. This way we grant a way of pulling your documentation into the app, in a safe and unique communication funnel.

After this small step, you will be asked about the entities you work with. From financial institutions to the most important and relevant entities you work with. After this, you will need to configure the entity (this process can be time consuming, depending on the number of entities that you are working with, but it will be very comfortable for the future, because you do it once), and MoneyBox will recognize this entity in the future. You are free to have these initial configurations working whenever you want, and this is the process that will relieve you from the labor intensity that accountability involves.

Having the documentation sources and configurations in place MoneyBox will automatically upload, analyze and integrate your financial data into your BOX records. MoneyBox algorithm will start to run in the background enabling automated feeding, organization, normalization, categorization, reporting and notifications. See all your financial information in Your BOX

Dealing with transactions

MoneyBox delivers interesting ways of analyzing Money. The categorization process allows you to have a safe yet robust way of giving consistency and comparability to data. One transaction, under certain entity, handles one, and just one category, defined by the user, under the list of possibilities held by MoneyBox software. This way we prevent the possibility of having different categories for the same type of expense and a never ending list that the user could create, which would cause problems aggregating and interpreting values.

On the other hand we give the user, the possibility of tagging transactions. This feature allows you to add as many tags as your Box can hold, and the process for creating them is very easy.

By combining these 2 features, the user can run a very profound and powerful reporting, that is 100% customized by him, and totally adapted to his way of reading finances. A dashboard summarizes all the information that each Box contains, however the user is free to create more that one Box per account. Multiple reports can be created depending on the search and criteria that the user is interested in. A world to explore, regarding your financial health.

Monetize your Money

By understating MoneyBox process, users gain a new world of possibilites that work for them, and smoothly reduce the workload they handle each time they want to read accountings. A good Information and knowledge base is the only way of making better decisions. Monetizing correctly your money is crucial for the financial security of your family.